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Work in the warehouse is changing rapidly. Fulfilling e-commerce demand direct to consumers, shipping smaller, more frequent orders to customers, and integrating robotics and advanced automation mean there is no more “business as usual.” Today, distribution managers don’t have time to create manual work schedules that are obsolete by the time they’re finished and result in inefficient use of increasingly expensive labour. Managers need new tools that automatically match labour to work requirements as the work changes over the day and week.

This is where REPLs Warehouse Labour and Workforce Management expertise can help you transform your warehouse operations.


Complex Warehouses


Today’s warehouse requirements are too complex and move too fast for disconnected solutions that often work at cross purposes. What’s needed is a single, integrated and comprehensive approach to effectively plan and manage the workforce within modern warehouses and fulfilment centres.

What can an integrated workforce solution do for you?

  • Enables accurate, metrics-based long-term staff planning to ensure that the right staff with the right skills will always be trained and available to meet future demand
  • Automates staff scheduling to free managers to support their people and problem-solve, while creating optimal hour-by-hour schedules that respond to ever-changing demand
  • Engages and retains workers by providing flexible scheduling and mobile-based communications and interactions
  • Protects the safety of warehouse employees and operational continuity by enabling segregation of social bubbles across shifts
  • Drives efficiency and productivity through optimised task methods and standards

Most importantly, an integrated workforce solution drives bottom-line results. Customer service is improved while unplanned overtime is reduced. Efficiency is increased while worker engagement and retention are improved.


REPL is a world-leading technology and consulting group which has both the experience and expertise to deliver visionary professional services and unique solutions that transform business operations. Having deep supply chain, workforce and retail experience working with some of the globe’s largest retailers.

REPL has the unique ability to develop labour standards strategies and then execute those through solution offerings and being able to “join the dots” across WFM and warehousing by providing holistic planning and execution able solutions driving ultimate value realisation.

With a vast amount of experience REPL are identified as the leading implementation partner of choice within the WFM, WMS and WLM space. With over 100 workforce transformation consultants and in excess of over 40 WMS consultants who specialise in complex system integration projects.


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